Encuentro Porteno HEADER 2024 2

Encuentro Porteño VIII

Encuentro Porteño 2024 in Amsterdam is coming up:
‘El encuentro más Porteño in Europe’…. We are more inspired then ever!! 
It will be the eight edition. Date: 16.05.2024 – 19.05.2024, plus an afterparty on Monday (20.05.2023)!

Characteristics of Encuentro Porteño: Excellent Porteño DJ’s, a mix of passionate dancers from all ages, our warm team hosting you during four nights and the dinner peña party on sunday as the cherry on top.

Dancers with Latino hearts from 30 different countries will create a strong Porteño vibe at Encuentro Porteño VII. Six great Argentinian and European DJ’s will create an exceptional tango-synergy.

You can find more information at the facebook group of Encuentro Porteño, or at this website.

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Encuentro Porteno Amsterdam, Marta Kossakowska, Corine Groenewegen, Nicole Herink
Encuentro Porteño Amsterdam chairs 4
For lovers of tango in a real embrace, who like looking… nodding… laughing… speaking in piropos… and last but not least: who can only give it all when dancing.

“Encuentro Porteño es un encuentro tanguero donde se combina buena energía, los abrazos milongueros, la buena música y todo bien cuidado. Imperdible !!!!” 

Roberto Zuccarino

“Still digesting the fairy tale adventure which filled me with bubbling joy and pleasure. Few moments in my long life equal what I experienced at Encuentro Porteno…” 

Margareta Westerwald

“Inside the house it was truly Spring!” 


“Gracias Encuentro, Gracias Amsterdam, Gracias Tango” 

Fernando Lores

“What a bright & exciting weekend” 

Martin Ottmers & Hedde Orillera

"One reason I'm happy that time goes by…… 
it brings us closer to next Encuentro Porteno”  

Paulina [Warsaw]