Encuentro Porteño HEADER 2025

DJ's 2024!

Get the vibe of the DJ’s of Encuentro Porteño 2024 who all have one thing in common: They are amazing and party proved DJ’s • Stay tuned! 

Here a short introduction of the invited DJ’s:

Encuentro Porteno Amsterdam dj Santiago Onel

Santiago Onel [Uruguay]

I started with tango 21 years ago in Uruguay. Having moved to Europe, I have been active as dancer, teacher and DJ, mostly in Germany and the Netherlands. My way of DJing can be seen as the product of the influence of my native country, the regular visits to Buenos Aires and my life in Europe.

I believe that tango (including DJing) is a never ending learning process. My DJing is neither dogmatic nor tainted by an academic approach of playing unknown tangos just for the sake of it. My selection always looks to touch the heart of the milongueros and milongueras and keep them on the dance floor.

Three tangos:
El corazón me engaño – Juan D'Arienzo/Alberto Reynal
Una emoción – Ricardo Tanturi/Enrique Campos
Sin lágrimas – Osvaldo Pugliese/Roberto Chanel

"I am happy to be invited on "the other side" of the dancefloor, contributing to make this year’s Encuentro again an unforgettable event. DJing at Encuentro Porteño is a pleasure for me as it is a cosy, relaxed and friendly event, in which I meet friends, have fun and enjoy the music of my fellow DJs with warm embraces on the dance floor."

Encuentro Porteno Amsterdam dj Benjamin Lee

Benjamin Lee [Korea]

I am an enthusiastic social tango dancer and a traditional tango DJ. Based in Seoul, Korea, I have been invited as a DJ to various tango events in many cities in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Australia. 

I love the traditional Golden Age tango songs and try to select the songs very suitable for dancing with good energy. Respecting the music of the great orchestras and the emotion of dancers in a milonga, I try to play the right tandas for each certain moment. I think it's my mission as a DJ to connect the masterpieces of great tango musicians with the dancers of milonga in a meaningful way. 

My favourite 3 tango songs these days are 
Milonguero Viejo – Carlos Di Sarli (1944)
Amarras – Juan D’Arienzo / Hector Maure (1944)
La Cachila – Osvaldo Pugliese (1945)

"There are 2 reasons why I love to be a DJ at Encuentro Porteno: 1. I heard many positive things about the event with a great atmosphere where great milongeros gather. 2. I wanted to see Corine after a long time."

Vincent Lam

Vincent Lam [Canada]

I have been dancing tango for 17 years and spinning tunes both digital and vinyl records in the Pacific Northwest and at Encuentros, Marathons & Festivals throughout North America, Europe and Japan since 2012. Vincent favors traditional tangos, mixing his tunes with a sense of fun and romance. Vincent enjoys photography and travel, but of course, all revolving around tango.

Vincents choice:
Oigo Tu Voz Tanturi – Campos
No Creas D’Agostino – Vargas
Mi Nataí  Calo – Tolosa

“Tango is the music… and it is this music of longing that connects the dancers. I am looking forward to sharing my music selections at Encuentro Porteño and experiencing the connection that binds us”

Encuentro Porteno Amsterdam dj Lucas Malec

Lucas Malec [BsAs]

Lucas is an appreciated tango DJ, dancer and a tango musician playing Sax with the "Pannonica Quartet". As a DJ Lucas is a guarantee for excellent music, he keeps the energy levels high and he is on top of what happens on the dance floor. Boredom does not exist in his voculabary. Technical mistakes neither. Lucas runs his own milonga, builds his own tangoschool at the moment, teaches tango, travels the world and has a broad experience in DJ-ing.

 “Being a DJ at Encuentro Porteño is for me the best opportunity to bring out the best jewels in tango music for a group of people who deeply love tango and share a passion to dance through a roller coaster of sensations. At Encuentro Porteño we always have a bit of party and a bit of poetry"

Mis tres tangos del momento son cantado por Podesta:
Pocas Palabras – Tanturi
Un Infierno – Caló
Recien – Pedro Laurens 

Encuentro Porteño HEADER 2024 Roham

dj Roham

DJ Roham (Iran / Netherlands)

I have been DJing tango music since 2008. As a DJ, my intention is to create an immersive night of music; a seamless flow of tangos, valses, milongas, and cortinas that are melted together to a poetry of sounds. To achieve this, I select the music step-by-step and tanda-by-tanda throughout the night in response to the energy of dancers. I feel myself dancing with all the dancers the entire night.

My favorite songs these days:
El último café – Juan D'Arienzo / Jorge Valdez
Uno – Aníbal Troilo / Alberto Marino
Chiqué – Osvaldo Pugliese

I feel honored to be invited to DJ at Encuentro Porteño in Amsterdam. As the name says it, this encuentro is among the first and oldest encuentros in Europe with a high respect for the culture and codigos of social tango outside Buenos Aires. The attention to details and love for the social tango can be immediately experienced in the way the entire event is organized.

Encuentro Porteño Agustin Rojas

dj Agustin Rojas

Agustin Rojas entered the world of tango at the age of 8 in his hometown Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. A year later he began his travels to Buenos Aires to start molding his Tango style. 
Accompanying great milongueros, Agustin went through a path of codes and traditions, mixing it with the youth and freshness that characterizes him. 
Over the years he gained experience as a TDj in different milongas in Buenos Aires and other countries, participating in festivals, meetings and milongas recognized worldwide.

3 tangos favoritos :
Yunta de oro – pugliese instrumental
Judas – d'arienzo / maure
En esta tarde gris – troilo /goyeneche

Encuentro Porteno dj Corine Groenewegen

Corine Groenewegen [NL]

“Organizer of Encuentro Porteño and Milonguero salon 'la Bruja’ in Amsterdam, is the most enchanting Brujita we know! 

She is a DJ with a very own brand, in which we can feel her personality, strong and sensitive at the same time. The 'golden age' of tango is clearly her gauge, in the wake of the 'guardia vieja'. The high energy she generates on the dance floor, emerges from the unforgettable tangos and from lively ‘cortinas’. Her choices are the reflection of a rich experience, as a milonguera, as an organizer, as a teacher and as a woman, constantly traveling to Buenos Aires, as the rest of Europe.”
Text by La Morocha Lucena, organizer of Encuentro ‘Te Quiero Lisboa’.

My three preferred tangos at the moment: 
Tu el Cielo y tu – Di Sarli
El Olivo – D’Arienzo / Mauré
Mañana ire temprano – Miguel Calo / Iriarte

“I will give the best of me by playing the greatest tangos for you. Looking forwards!!!”